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A strong outline for an argumentative essay should include

A strong outline for an argumentative essay should include a well-defined introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should state the main argument of the essay and the points that will be discussed throughout the essay. It should also provide any background information that the reader needs to understand the essay.

The body of the essay should include multiple points that support the argument. Each point should be presented in a separate paragraph and should be supported with evidence. This evidence can come from research, quotes, statistics, etc. It is important to provide enough evidence to support each point in order to keep the argument persuasive and convincing.

The conclusion should summarize the main points of the essay and draw a clear conclusion. It should restate the main argument and provide a final thought on the subject. The conclusion should also include any implications or suggestions for the future, such as potential solutions or further research.

Finally, an outline should also include an introduction to any resources used in the essay. This could include links to websites, books, articles, or interviews. This will help the reader quickly access more information on the topic if they need it.

When constructing an argumentative essay, making sure to have a strong outline is essential for creating a well-structured and persuasive essay. By organizing the essay into an introduction, body, conclusion, and resources, an effective argument is sure to be convincing and engaging for readers.

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