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Cell phones should be allowed in school argumentative essay

Cell phones are becoming increasingly prevalent in todays society and have become a necessary part of everyday life. As such, the idea that cell phones should be allowed in school is a reasonable one. There are many reasons why students should be permitted to bring cell phones to school.

To begin with, cell phones can be used as an essential educational tool. Many schools have implemented Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies as a way of incorporating technology into the classroom. With a cell phone, students can easily access educational websites, research materials, and even take part in interactive lessons. Moreover, some schools have implemented programs like Google Classroom which can be accessed through a cell phone with ease.

Furthermore, cell phones can help ensure safety in school. In the case of an emergency situation, cell phones can be used to quickly contact emergency services or alert school officials of any suspicious activity. Parents will also be able to communicate with their children promptly if they are aware of their whereabouts. Additionally, having a cell phone in school could reduce instances of bullying since students would be able to easily report any incidents.

Moreover, allowing students to possess cell phones in school will help to create an atmosphere of responsibility. Since students will be in charge of their own device, they will be more likely to take better care of them and be more punctual for their classes. As a result, this would help foster an environment of respect and discipline.

In conclusion, cell phones should be allowed in school as they provide many educational benefits and help to ensure the safety of students. In addition, they can also help to promote responsibility among pupils. Therefore, allowing students to possess cell phones in school is a reasonable choice.

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