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Leach, Brandy

Brandy L.

Group Fitness Instructor



“Life’s Candy and the Sun’s a Ball of Butta!” – Barbra Streisand 

A Bit About Brandy

Brandy Leach has been playing sports and involved in fitness her entire life. It’s only in the last several months that she has become a group fitness instructor, and she is loving every minute!

Brandy has been a Nautilus Family Fitness member since July of 2021. She became a certified Zumba Instructor in March of 2022, and is currently training to be certified in other areas, such as in BodyPump and BodyCombat.

Brandy knew at 12 years old that she wanted to be a fitness instructor after having been given an assignment in her physical education class to choreograph a 1-minute dance routine to any song of her choice to present to her class. She knew right then and there that fitness, and eventually being a fitness instructor, were in her future. She was captain of her volleyball team for several years and also participated, and excelled, in softball, basketball, running club, bicycle riding, rollerskating, and swimming. 

When she’s not teaching Zumba or training to be certified in other group fitness classes, Brandy can be found singing. She has been performing in front of audiences since she was 9 years old, has been in over 16 musicals (leading in 10 of them). She also has a background singing gospel and jazz, has sung at the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival and the Denton Blues Festival as well as at the prestigious Syracuse University Children’s Choir. In addition to singing backup and lead in several bands, in the last year she has branched out and created her own online singing show called, “Midnight- ish Melodies.” When she’s not singing, she’s writing, painting or doing photography. She sells her authentic digital photography downloads on her Etsy at www.FreeFloFotography411.com. 

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